Horrible pixelation!

For the past week or so I've been experincing really bad pixelation using the Time Warner Spectrum app on Roku.


I've restarted the app, rebooted, etc.  And while the pixelation goes away, it keeps returning.


Why is this happening?  Please fix!


Re: Horrible pixelation!

don't reset the modem, copy and paste the signal level and error log pages.

Is this a wired connection?

How congested is the lan you're on?

 what speed are you paying for and how many devices?

 Anything running Itune sync, cloud, dropbox, onedrive or windows 10?



Re: Horrible pixelation!

I'll join in here with complaints about the Spectrum app on Roku.  Just got a new streaming stick (3600) and EVERYTHING consistently looks great except Spectrum app content.  Close to unwatchable. 


Saving shows to watchlist mostly doesn't work

When I try to save shows to my watchlist it only works occasionally.  I'll save a show, then when I revisit the show's page, more often than not  the watchlist will no longer be selected. This is not only a Roku problem, but is also an issue with the Android and IOS apps.  Please fix this.

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Re: Horrible pixelation!

If you are experiencing issues with the Spectrum TV application first thing to check 

is if you are seeing this on other devices. If not it is more than likely a problem

with your Internet connection. If you are on wireless we would first ask that you hardwire

the Roku to the modem/router and see if the problem persists. If it is only present on 

wireless we know where to start. 


If you are having problems with it while hardwired we need to look deeper into 

the connection. 


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Re: Horrible pixelation!

I've been experiencing this problem for the past months (maybe as long as six).  What happens on certain channels (cnn, msnbc, cnbc, perhaps others I don't watch) is the image resolution over time, drops.  It's unwatchable, but audio is fine.  To correct this, I have to change to another channel and then change back...then it is good for 15 minutes or so (some days it's actually fine, but that's the exception), then you may have to repeat.  Other channels like BBC America, I've never had the problem.  Also don't recall seeing the problem on any premium channels.  This has nothing to do with one's network, I'm fully wired here, full gigabit.  Signal strength not an issue.  It happens on specific channels for me.  And once I do the reset, the clarity is pristine, as it should be on a smaller tv.  I'd estimate the resolution drops to 120 lines or less.  I guess that could be called pixelation, but it's a complete loss of resolution.  At least that's what I'm seeing here.