Dropped Network Connections

Spectrum is the ONLY app / Channel that repeatedly drops the internet connection (sometimes 3-4 times in less than 15 minutes). I was originally told it was due to the Roku's proximity to the modem (one TV is literally on the other side of the wall in the next room). I was told to reboot the modem, remove and reinstall the channel etc. The frequent errors and connection drops continue. Again, it is the ONLY channel with this issue. I can play other channels for hours without a problem. By the time the connection is restored and the channel is back, critical dialogue or events have been missed. It happens randomly and without warning. Spectrum service has been rude and condescending regarding the errors and connection losses as if it is a non-issue or "something with my equiment".. As soon as another option is availble in the area, I will definitely switch. Spectrum Bad!!!

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Re: Dropped Network Connections




What error are you getting when this happens? Do you have problems with the connection on other devices? Do you have trouble when the Roku is directly connected to the modem? 


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