Constant RLP-1001 errors with Spectrum TV app

Seen other threads about this, however I haven't seen a real fix for it yet.... so I made  a new post about it.  Basically every 10-15 minutes of watching a channel, I get the RLP-1001 error and hit OK on the remote to make it play again... 10-15 minutes later happens again... then again, and again.   It's just annoying, because I have to miss a few minutes of a show to hit OK and have the app continue to do the live feed. 

Other apps don't do this on my roku, so it must be a service issue... and NOT my connectivity.  Spectrum claims to having starting speeds of 100mps, but my speed test shows 24-25mps... which should be fast enough to run a live TV streaming service like my other apps that work just fine, so I'm not really concerned about my speed. 

Anyone else have this problem?


Re: Constant RLP-1001 errors with Spectrum TV app

100mbps is for a wired connection direct to your modem. How are you connecting your Roku box to the internet?
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Re: Constant RLP-1001 errors with Spectrum TV app

Slow speeds are a very good indicator that the problem is with your connection.


If you are subscribed to 100 and are only getting  24-25mps there is most certainly a problem. 


Some information you can post to help your peers look into the issue can be found here: 



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Re: Constant RLP-1001 errors with Spectrum TV app

To what does the error code rge-1001 refer? My wife uses a roku adapter to watch television via the spectrum app frequently gets this error.
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Re: Constant RLP-1001 errors with Spectrum TV app

Been seeing a trend where it misbehaves like this when the internet gets too hinky. As long as I have clean channel binds and all, the app works without fail. Even though it may still bench upwards of 30-40mbps down, if the downstream channels aren't stable and we wind up in a "partial service" state, the app just goes bonkers until a soft/hard reboot of the modem locks down channels again.

Haven't called in tickets for the app yet, as it appears to be an issue bound to internet QoS... which is where we have been focusing the monitoring on mostly. Neighbors have been calling things in and keeping the trucks rolling trying to clean up the circa 1974 wiring issues around town. I've been running with dedicated RG6 lines since 2002 (replaced a couple times), so I only call in the severe cases. It is progressively improving... but still room for improvememts.

Here's a breakdown of what we've noticed happening here in the 29501 zip:

We've recently started having issues with channel bonding in our market. Normally we bond contiguous channels 17-32. The upper 8 Channels are in the 600mhz tier, which may be struggling with T-Mobile's ch71 LTE spectrum. Jury is still out on that notion... but it is a plausible theory of sorts. Still a lot of older homes wired with rg59 to multiple rooms that are not terminated or connected to devices. That is a nightmare in and of itself, but T-Mobile is using the 600mhz band now... Verizon and AT&T are up in the 700 band, and T-Movile has been on an aggressive expansion phase since the T-Mobile/Wal-Mart Family Mobile deal really took off. So, it could be a recipe for screwy LTE interference.

A few channels from 603Mhz and up start ramping up errors. The modem drops them and latches lower channels below 17. After it goes on for a day or two, eventually it tries to latch channel 9 at 507Mhz... which is dead in the water.

Once we hit this "partial service" state, the app starts bugging out big time. Guide stops loading, RPL errors... all kinds of weird little annoyances we usually overlook suddenly become critical errors.

Fortunately, I can sorta tell when it is happening now... The modem's downstream bonding light blinks (netgear 500 series), so I have that visual cue that the modem is struggling. Log in with my phone to do a soft reboot and the app clears up again.

Not too big an issue when I am home... I can tell this particular modem which channel to search for first and it thunks a new lineup in like a minute instead of actually doing a soft or hard reboot, then I can do a defaults reset later to put it back to standard config. The real bugger is when it happens when I am at work. Mom won't call me so I can try to remote in and reboot it. She just flips to OTA or Hulu until I get home and I get an earful about it... bounce the modem, and all is good again.

I hate to be another one of "those guys"... but it has got us talking about trying alternative services. Some we've used in the past were far more tolerant when we got saddled with periods of lossy internet. Considering several are within $5 or $10 at specific tiers.... it can lead one to question if streaming access to local feeds is enough to tough it out much longer.

I managed to get almost all of the locals up to 60 miles out OTA with a higher end clearstream mounted high up in the attic with a ~10db preamp to offset losses from a few splits to feed the house. Perhaps it may be time for us to try some free trial periods with competing services?