Constant App errors

I have 2 roku streaming sticks. The app use to work great. Now 5 of 10 login attempts fail. It tells me to check my connection. My connection shows full bars on a 5g signal. My router is 10 feet from my TV. Every other app works flawlessly when this error appears. Netflix, hulu, amazon prime and so on... all work perfectly. Then when the app does finally load after rebooting the roku, reconnecting to my network or uninstalling and reinstalling half the content wont load. It pops up an error saying content unavailable right now. I pay quite a bit for my internet and cable service. I kept one cable box and I use 2 roku's through the rest of the house to save 20 bucks on top of the 125 I already spend. Is this a ploy to push people off and get them to rent boxes instead?? I have 2 friends with very similar issues to me. It would be nice to see these constant error issues resolved. Otherwise I'll keep my internet and switch to sling.. or direct TV now.

Re: Constant App errors

We also have this and other issues on a regular basis.  (It also happens on other devices as well)    We don’t have their cable box as their fees are rediculous.  End up calling and/or chatting with support.   Their “fixes” never really fix as this and other issues appear enough to be really frustrating.  The tech that comes does not find a problem and then theorizes.  It’s been a long time since I’ve given up on this and and don’t request a tech visit.  Intermittent enough and unpredictable.  Don’t need a storm or bad weather as with sat.  They promo more reliable than Sat but leave me doubting.  

Then its the ever frequent “Service Unavailable” like this morning.  Local stations are unavailable.

Slow or no internet is also a problem.    


But their invoice bill is always punctual with no credit in site for the down time unless you take the time to call or chat with them which can take a lot of time and effort!

I guess being the only service in town allows for no motivation.