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CBS TV missing on my Roku app;

I can no longer receive CBS-TV on my Roku player with the Spectrum app. The channel seems to have been replaced by ESPN, which I have no use for since I am not interested in sports. When I try to set my Roku player to what should be my area's local CBS channel, all I get is ESPN, and I am sick of it. Please tell me how I can get my CBS channel back. I have been on the phone with TWC customer service representatives for days trying to get this resolved, and I am now at the end of my rope.


 I wish there were some way I could go back to my nice Zenith amplified indoor TV antenna, which receives channels 3, 5, 8 and 19 in Cleveland (the only stations I care about) just fine. I know  cable TV is being deregulated to death, but this business of randomly dropping channels--important network affiliates yet!--with no notice whatsoever is too much for me.


 I don't use my cable connection anymore since I installed my Roku player. Is there any way I can disconnect the cable and get all my stations just through the Roku? I understand this is possible if a subscriber at least has the cable on his or her account; it does not matter if the cable wire is physically connected to the television. If this is true, would it be possible to just disconnect the cable from my TV and leave the wire hanging  behind the set?


   Also, I am wondering why my bedroom TV, which does not have a cable box, is still getting all the channels I used to get (about 60 channels) before Time Warner merged with Spectrum. The cable wire connects directly to the cable jack on the back of the TV, and it works every bit as well as it always did. I ask this because of all the talk about Spectrum now being 100 percent digital, meaning any TV without a cable box will not work. If this were true, my bedroom TV would not get any stations at all. Are all of Spectrum's channels encrypted, scrambled or whatever, or not? If they are, why is my bedroom TV still working with this cable service without a box?




Re: CBS TV missing on my Roku app;

Good morning,


If you would please contact us directly via the following private LINK, we will be happy to look into this issue for you. Please include your account number or the phone number associated with your account and the name of the account holder for verification. 


-Melissa O.

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