App on my Roku

My Roku TV using the spectrum app. The voices don’t match up to what is on the screen playing. I have to keep resetting. This has been happening for months since we started using the app instead of cable. Any ideas beside resetting every half hr? Also use an iPad for another TV but Spectrum App won’t play on TV

at's Re: App on my Roku

That's primarily a wifi issue. What kind of wifi speed are you getting where your Roku stick or box is?


Re: at's Re: App on my Roku

Not sure about WiFi issues because Spectrum is the only app that doesn’t work all other apps work. Netflix, Roku etc. now the app is even worse not only do the voices not add up the picture is all distorted

Re: App on my Roku

My problem is still not fixed. I don't believe it is my internet because the only app that does this is the Spectrum App all other apps work fine.  And it is mostly the channels ABC, CBS, & NBC and sometimes FOX.  But if I go to the higher channels the app works fine.


I have deleted the app multiple times and there is no change.  It is a ROKU TV and if the TV is the problem I guess I wouldn't promote buying these TV's. It is very frustrating to the point where sometimes I can't even watch the TV I have to listen. 


At this point and time I would have to say the Spectrum App is not a positive thing