'=8/13/17 Favorites are gone on Roku, iOS and Android

I just noticed that my favorite channels list is gone.  It's happening on all devices that I have -- Roku, IOS and Android.



Re: '=8/13/17 Favorites are gone on Roku, iOS and Android

Same thing on my computer...I keep entering the Favorites Line-up, but won't Stick!


Re: '=8/13/17 Favorites are gone on Roku, iOS and Android

Randomly, my 'favorites' list disappears. I can re-favorite most channels, but not ION (71). This seems really strange. 


Re: '=8/13/17 Favorites are gone on Roku, iOS and Android

I reentered them (a couple of hundred) and when I was done only 5 stuck.  INFURIATING.  It's the same on all devices I have (Roku, IOS and Android)



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Re: '=8/13/17 Favorites are gone on Roku, iOS and Android

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Re: '=8/13/17 Favorites are gone on Roku, iOS and Android

I also have the same problem.

No matter which platform I use, when I try to mark all the channels I want as favorites they don't all save as such. I will select/fill-in/mark the heart to indicate the channel as a favorite and that indicator remains as long as I am on that screen, but as soon as I navigate elsewhere and return to the Guide or back to the favorites setting screen most of my favorites are no longer saved. I've even left that favorites setting screen open and idle for 10-20 minutes after marking the channels I want in case the issue was that I was navigating away too soon before it has been able to completely transfer my preferences to the server, but it still makes no difference. It only saves a random number of the channels I marked as favorites, but nowhere near the total 85 channels that I try to mark.


To further look into it, I went through and marked one channel at a time as a favorite then went back to the guide between each one to check and see if they all remained saved. I found that there is apparently a limit in how many channels it will store before it starts dropping channels. It appears that it will only store a total of 55 favorite channels. Once I save any more than 55 it drops many of the favorites. If I am at that 55 limit and select just one more as a favorite it drops a random number, sometimes a bunch and sometimes just a few. So it's not like you would expect where adding one over 55 causes just one to get dropped in order to logically make space for the new one I selected.

While that limit of 55 might sound acceptable, the problem is that the App saves any repeats of the same channels. For example, my local ABC affiliate is channel 8 and also channel 1200, and USA is channel 46 and also channel 101. So when I mark channel 8 and channel 46 as my favorites, once I go back to the guide it has also marked the repeated channels of 1200 and 101. There is no way to "unlink" those repeated channels, if you go back in and unselect one of them (ie, channel 1200 in my example) it then automatically unselects any others of that channel (ie, channel 8) once you leave the settings screen. Point being, this apparent limit of 55 channels means that realistically I can only have about 32 actual unique channels saved since some of those are duplicated elsewhere in the guide and get saved as well pushing my total channels saved up to 55.


It happens regardless of the device I'm running the Spectrum App on because it occurs on my Samsung Galaxy S6 running stock Android, my Roku 3 box, my TCP Roku TV, and my Asus ZenPad 8.0 tablet running stock Android. It also happens on the website that I access via either my laptop's Chrome browser or Microsoft Edge browser. This happens whether my devices are connected via my home wi-fi (which is through Spectrum internet), away from home on my cell phone's Verizon data service, or even using another public wi-fi hotspot. This has been occurring for a couple months now and despite attempts to uninstall the app on my devices and re-install it (which obviously isn't an option when using the website via my web browsers), the issue remains.


I did as several of these related threads have suggested and sent a PM to the Forums Help username with all the specific technical information requested. In fact, I gave them so much info and detail that I didn't get the expected initial responses of "uninstall and reinstall the app" or "it must be an issue with your platform being unsupported." Instead their response, after asking some questions to clarify how many channels I could save and how many dropped, was just "Thank you. We will pass along your concern and feedback to the product team." So no solution, I guess we have to wait and see if they can fix this.