Re: 11/5/17 Getting constant RLP-1001 errors

Spent 55 minutes on the phone with technical support.  Here's the answer I finally got:  "Yes, we're seeing this outage all across our network.  We're not sure when it will be resolved."


My question:  Will you please call me when this is resolved?  Spectrum's response:  "We might be able to do this."  MIGHT?!??  


My complaints:

1.) Why run me through 55 minutes of wait time for a chronic issue?

2.) How can this be happening yet again?  Outages all the time with their app.  No problems with other providers like ESPN.

3.) Tech support knows NOTHING.

4.) I can't get a simply call back?




Re: 11/5/17 Getting constant RLP-1001 errors

Same issue here. Spectrem app continually crashes on Roku, however SlingTv and Hulu have no issues.