TWC app for mobils

Please, please, please try to improve the app for watching movies and TV on tablets and phones.  I'm sure you are familiar with the issues.  I find I have to delete and re-download often to get the thing working.  It's a great idea and I appreciate the effort.  But, as you know, there are problems.



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Re: TWC app for mobils

We would be happy to look into this for you. We are not seeing other reports of 

having to remove and redownload the app for Android mobile devices.


If you will directly message us at TWC_ForumsHelp we can look into this.


if you will please include a bit more information

1. Your account number

2. Your username

3. Make, model and operating system on your Android Device

4. Do you have this issue when on your home network and away from your home network?

5. When you have the problem do you get an error message

6. Do you experience this with specific On Demand programs or specific channels?

7. When you delete and reload the application, are you turning your phone completely off and back on before reinstalling? 


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Re: TWC app for mobils

Have you tried this?
This worked for me on my LG G5!
-Uninstall "Spectrum TV App"
-Go to Play Store settings >Auto-Update Apps>Do not Auto-Update Apps
-Google Search "TWC TV Android App Apk"
-Click on TWC TV apk download link
-Scroll down to bottom of page
-Download TWC TV
-Go to your download folder and download apk file
-Disregard any "False Positive" message stating file may harm your android device
-Go to App drawer, click on TWC TV App, log in and enjoy watching Live TV again!

Hope this helps you out!