TWC Tv app not working on ZenPad 3s 10

Works fine on iPad s7 edge and ZenPad 8s but ZenPad 3s 10 says unable to present CBS HD at this time try again later or try another channel.  All channels say the same,  on demand doesn't work either.  Some DVR commands work

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Re: TWC Tv app not working on ZenPad 3s 10

Sorry to hear about the issues with the TWC TV app on your ZenPad 3S 10.  We ask that you please private message the account information to us at this link so we may further assist.


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Re: TWC Tv app not working on ZenPad 3s 10

Problem solved.  When I setup the new tablet, i had it auto configure and install apps based on what was on my phone.   I did a factory reset and did not auto configure and installed the apps manually and the TWC app now works.


Re: TWC Tv app not working on ZenPad 3s 10

My app is on an ipad4 and I'm lucky if it works 2-3 times a week. Tonight I get "the program guide is not available, please try again later" and "DVR Management Unavailable unable to communicate with STB (110)". Delete and reload??? I'm sure apple is going to charge me soon for the number of times I've tried that earthbreaking solution. Well, I guess it's just like I have to turn my wifi printer off as well as any device I want to print from EVERY time I want to print. Or maybe it's just like the weak wifi signal I get in my garage (25 feet from the router) because the signal has to go through a wall, but wait, I get a stronger signal from my neighbors house across the street and believe it or not, he HAS WALLS.


These are some of the mind bending answers I've received from support. its just that TWC is a lousy and expensive **bleep**ing service with  (edited) reps. But what the **bleep** do they care, most people living in a development like mine have no other choice except for a dish. Probably fed up enough now to go that route because I just can't deal with support another time...not worth it, I'll be sitting in a corner drooling with my head bobbing afterwards.