So I can no longer control my DVR if I am away from home?  Why?  I cant even delete a recording, says, Not available while out of home.

Where can I get a previous versions of this app before this change?



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I apologize for the frustration.  The device may have lost sync with the DVR.  While on your home network, can you delete the TWC app and reinstall it on the phone.  This should restore functionality of all features.  Please let us know if the issue persists.  


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I uninstalled and reinstalled.  Same thing. Even at home on my wifi through another ISP, for all recorded programs I cannot access them through the app.  Still says Not available while out of home.


You may want to check out the reviews on the Google play store of this app, its a disaster.  Others are having the same issue as me as well as other issues.

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You should not be able to access (to view) programs on your DVR. You should however be 

able to access the DVR manager and delete programs, set up recordings and manage the 

scheduled programs.


Are you able to reach the DVR manager from another device? Through My Account or the TWCTV app on another device or TWCTV.com on a computer? 


If you will pelase contact us by clicking this link

Please include your account number and verification of the service address.


Thank you.

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Re: TWC App

This worked for me on my LG G5!
-Uninstall "Spectrum TV App"
-Go to Play Store settings >Auto-Update Apps>Do not Auto-Update Apps
-Google Search "TWC TV Android App Apk"
-Click on TWC TV apk download link
-Scroll down to bottom of page
-Download TWC TV
-Go to your download folder and download apk file
-Disregard any "False Positive" message stating file may harm your android device
-Go to App drawer, click on TWC TV App, log in and enjoy watching Live TV again!

Hope this helps you out!