Spectrum TV app only works at home

Since the TWC TV app was replaced with Spectrum TV app, it only lets you watch TV on your device at home. Before you could watch anywhere. Why?


Re: Spectrum TV app only works at home

You could never watch all your channels  everywhere with TWC, and only the TWCTV listed ones in your house on a TWC internet connection.

Anything outside your private connection was limited to local channels you could get on an antenna for free.   The "TV anywhere" ads were untruthfull and incomplete, save whatever was listed in the 2 seconds of unreadable fine print which included "not all services are available in all areas" and acually never were.

Next, all TWC ad agreements" are null and void if you switched to Spectrum from TWC.

 If now nothing at all works, you are logging in under the wrong credentials and need to have Spectrum fix them if you are now a Spectrum customer.



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Re: Spectrum TV app only works at home

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble. If you are still having problems please 

feel free to contact us directly for assistance here: TWC_ForumsHelp


MsRaye is not quite correct, out of your home you will have a selection of live TV channels

and also a broad selection of On Demand titles.

If you are not able to access anything outside of your home we would want to look into this.


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