It seems twc/spectrum doesn't care.

I recently replaced my broken phone for the same exact model. I went to install the app and log in it keeps coming up with errors. I looked into the forums and it seems as though this problem has been an issue for over a year now. This not a problem specific to one model type or limited by a version of older/new os. THIS IS A TIME WARNER/SPECTRUM ISSUE. There are no resolutions to this problem and they have not fixed it.
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Re: It seems twc/spectrum doesn't care.

We have had this issue reported today and if your issue is related to that you should be able to login at this point. 


If you are not able to login still please contact us directly as this is not an ongoing issue;


Please direct message us at TWC_ForumsHelp  Please include your account number

and verification of your username to begin.


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