Error When Using "Watch On Tv" From App

The issue I have is some of the OnDemand programming will not play on the TV with the "Watch On TV" option. I am only referring to programming that is suppose to work with that feature. It is strange because when categorized by channel, some channels all programming works fine but others every show will act like it is going to work says "Playing On LivingroomTV" but a second or two later the Error pops up. Spectrum/TWC has not been able to figure out why this happening. Some of the channels that give an error on all shows are Discovery, TBS, A&E, AMC & others. Some that work fine are Comedy Central, TNT, Sundance & WE. Channel ownership seems to have nothing to do with it. Is anybody else experiencing this.
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Re: Error When Using "Watch On Tv" From App



I'm sorry to see that you are experiencing issues with the app. Typically, reinstalling the app will resolve most issues.  You may also need to restart the set top box.  If the issue is not resolved, please let us know.  



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