xbox one xcf-1300 error

My xbox one spectrum app stopped working last night, I receive an XCF-1300 error. I have tried:

- uninstalling and reinstalling

- removing my xbox account, uninstalling the app, hard reset on xbox, adding account, reinstalling

- my account payments are up to date


Now, I tried to log in to watch on my computer and when I enter my account info it says sorry, we cant do this right now try again later.


what is going on?


Re: xbox one xcf-1300 error

Sorry, that is xcf-1003 error, not 1300.

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Re: xbox one xcf-1300 error



We encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


Please contact us at: 

Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care


Re: xbox one xcf-1300 error

I am getting the same thing . Have they found a fixed for you?