"Network Is Not Connected" Issue

I've been using the Spectrum TV app on my brand new Samsung TVs from my home network for almost 3 months now and it has been running without issues.


Just this past week or so I have been getting lag/buffering issues where a box in the lower right side of the screen that says "Network Is Not Connected" pops up and freezes the show I'm watching for a few seconds. This happes about once every 10 seconds so it has made watching the Spectrum TV app unbearable.


I have reset my modem and router countless times, unplugged the power to my TV, reinstalled the Spectrum TV app,  tried entering a manual DNS, etc. Nothing has helped.


I've tried other apps on the Samsung TV (Netflix, Youtube, Hulu) and they run flawlessly so I have come to the conclusion that the Spectrum TV app is the problem. My internet when playing online video games from my computer is perfect so I know the Wi-Fi speed is not an issue. 


I also tested the Spectrum TV app on my second Samsung TV and it's having the same "Network is not connected" issue now as well, so I don't believe its a "faulty" TV problem since both TV's started having this issues at the same time.  


I recently discovered that the Spectrum TV app did have an update about a week or so ago which is when the problem started, so maybe the new update created this. Just a thought.



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Re: "Network Is Not Connected" Issue

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