X-Box Spectrum app : error code a200

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I have not been able to gain access to the x box app for at least 3 weeks now, Would love to know what's going on.
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Re: X-Box Spectrum app : error code a200

Hi, If you can provide some additional information we can try and diagnose the issue.


Xbox 360? Xbox One ? (Xbox 360 is no longer supported, if that is the device you are using, that would be the issue) 

What happens when you try to open the app? Are you able to sign in and then you get

the error? Are you getting the error after you sign in but before the guide loads?


Are you having trouble with connectivity? Is the Xbox hardwired or wireless?

Are you able to use the app on other devices?


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Re: X-Box Spectrum app : error code a200

Why is the xbox360 no longer supported