The on demand not working since the latest update

Since the last Update on December I can't run any title from the on demand menu on the spectrum tv app for Samsung tv, every time I click on a movie or something I get black screen or it would run the ads first and then black screen, so I have to restart my tv, I can't even exit the app, the live tv running fine there, and the on demand works fine on my other devices.

Re: The on demand not working since the latest update

I have the same issue. And called spectrum service representative and he said signal levels need to be adjusted and I am not sure what it is. He put a request to some other team and said some one will come adjust the signal levels for lines coming into the home and I don’t need to be available. 


I am am not sure any one came and did anything. I still face the same issue some times Ondemand  works and some times goes blank as you mentioned. 


I have no confidence in spectrum. Service personnel. I stopped calling them