TWC TV App Missing Channels?

I just subscribed to the Standard Package yesterday and when setting up my TWC TV App I was missing STO and Fox Sports Ohio.  Is anyone else having this issue??  The main reason I ordered this package was to stream the Indians games on my Macbook and iPhone but cant if they are not part of the app list of channels.  The other issue was that ESPN was missing from the Xbox app.  Are these channels just randomly missing or are certain channels not provided through the TWC TV App?


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Not all channels are available. Here in Ohio, we don't have any of the local broadcasters either



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Eh, if you look around the forums a bit you'll see that a few of us have been experiencing similar issues as far as missing channels are concerned on the TWC TV app... I'm glad you also reported this descott77, at least this confirms that this seems to be a widespread issue, and not just one or two people...

I'm in the same same boat as you though as far as sports channels gone missing are concerned... Ever since 2 weeks ago when switched media players from Microsoft Silverlight to Flash Player, a bunch of channels just suddenly vanished for no reason at all!

One in particular (SportSouth) that airs the Braves games... I had the unfortunate of missing opening day because of this fiasco of an update from TWC...

So, its definitely not just you who is experiencing these missing app channels... I hope TWC fixes this up soon because it is extremely uncalled for IMO.

Here in NC we had the local broadcast channels added, which is about the same time some of our existing channels went missing...

Good luck getting any concrete response from anyone here though as to why this was the case ... as I have been here for a couple of weeks and no real answers why........


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I fought with TWC for 6 months. No one understood the issue.  I would not go away and they finally escalated the issue to tier 1 support.  An engineer called me back with the solution.  Two things.  In order for a channel to show up it must be in the list of channels for your account.  When you login to your TWC account click on MyTV. If you scroll down a little bit you should see a box with a listing of channels and you should have the ability to set parental controls for those channels.  This list of channels is unique to your service.  It should contain every channel you can get from your cable box. If you do not see channel in this list that you should have and do get through your cable box it will not show up in the TWC App.  This is the list the TWC App uses to build your channel lineup. The second part, how do you get your channels in this list.  The only way to do that is exchange your set top DVR box to a newer model.  Apparently most of the cable boxes in the field are only one way communications.  TWC can send information to your box such as reset; add a new service, etc...  In order to sync your cable service with the Channel list your cable box needs two way communications from TWC and back to TWC.  The newer boxes have this ability but most of the boxes have not been replaced with this technology.  I went to my local brick and mortar TWC location with my old box and told them what the engineer told me.  At first they claimed they never heard of such a thing and that my current box was the one they still hand out.  After a lengthy discussion they agreed to give me one of the new "top secret" boxes that they "are not supposed to give out" only because one of the engineers told me to come in and exchange it.  I took the box home, hooked it up and in no time ALL of my channels where available through the TWC App. The DVR manager icon that had been previously grayed out was now also working.  I can manage and set up recordings on the DVR remotely now.  If I am away from home and will miss a program I wanted to watch I can remotely record it now.


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I would respectfully disagree with a few items @VoiceOfReason  Most of the HD Set Top Boxes and DVR boxes are capable of 2 way communication. If the box is capable of On Demand and The Guide, it should 

be compatible. If you see a green light under the troubleshooting tab on My Account Overview page, this would indicate that the 2 way communication is active. If it is grey or red the 2 way is not operational.  Without that 2 way communication PPV and On Demand options will fail as will TWCTV.  Normally a powercycle of the cable box will restore the 2 way communication. If this does not we would need to investigate that further. 


The new Enhanced DVR and Whole House DVR should be widely available at this time, there is no secret 

DVR or equipment. As I mentioned they should be available. You will need to request them, Depending on the change of equipment, there may be additional fees applied to the account. The front counter agents will be able to tell you if the box is currently available, if it is not, they may be able to tell you when they expect to have more in stock.


When setting parental controls from the My Account website please be aware these are only going to apply to the TWCTV app and website. These will not change access through your Set Top Box or DVR. To set up parental controls for the TV you will need to do that through the equipment settings. 


 @VoiceOfReason is correct in that the My Account list of channels are what you should have access to via your TWCTV. If you are having problems and are missing any of these channels please let us know!


In a few areas we use Motorola DVRs, some of these are not compatible with the DVR manager. 


If you have questions about if your account is using one of the boxes that is not compatible please let us know, we would be happy to check on that for you.


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Re: TWC TV App Missing Channels? PROBLEM SOLVED

I am getting all channels on my office tv app but not the kitchen tv app. Why would two different tv's get two different channel lineups?