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I view the TV app from my smart TV and am experiencing, consistently, blurred screen, interruptions and freezing.  I have contacted both TW and Samsung with no change.  Samsung did check my internet speed and said it was sufficient to receive a clear signal.  TW was not helpful and told me it had to be a Samsung issue.  Anyone have this issue and have found a solution?

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Re: TV App on Smart TV

Sorry to hear about the TWC TV app issues on your Samsung TV, @lcmconsult.  We ask that you please private message the account information to us at this link so we may further assist.


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Re: TV App on Smart TV

I'm having the same issues with my 2016 Samsung. Often the voice gets ahead of the video stream and they stay out of sync. My WiFi download speeds are 31Mbps, which seems slow 🐌 compared to advertised and I am using TWC modem/router.

Re: TV App on Smart TV

I've had the same issue. The app is essentially broken for me, as the audio is out of sync for every channel and I cannot find a work-around.

Re: TV App on Smart TV

I am having the same issue.  I am also using the app on a roku box in two other rooms and have no issues on those tvs, just the Samsung.