Spectrum tv app on Samsung tv problems

The app on our Samsung tv keeps restarting. The app seems stable on our Roku... will the app be fixed on the Samsung anytime soon?
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Re: Spectrum tv app on Samsung tv problems

Good afternoon!


What happens when it restarts? Does the App completely close out and return you to having to select the app you want to use or does it log you out? Can you tell us a bit about what is happening. Are you having issues with the speeds on your network? Is the TV set hardwired or wireless on your Internet connection? Are you having other connection issues with the TV set?


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Re: Spectrum tv app on Samsung tv problems

I’m having the same issues. 

Turn tv off & it logs me off app

settings are to wireless signal

just frustrated I have to log back in each time. 

No other speed issues or connection issues 

Is there a way to remember the login name & password on this tv?