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Spectrum app not getting ESPN2 on Samsung TV

For over a year, I have been unable to get ESPN2 on the Spectrum app on my Samsung smart TV. I am extremely frustrated with the lack of support from Spectrum. They have repeatedly told me they are working on this and will call me back within 72 hours, yet NO ONE EVER CALLS BACK!!!! I have done every troubleshooting step they have given me and also worked with Samsung to make sure my TV is running the latest firmware. I feel pretty sure it is not Samsung's problem, as all other channels on the app work just fine. Every time I call Spectrum, I'm on the phone for an hour and a half, and nothing is resolved. I have an open ticket, but have never talked to anyone who seems to know what is going on. I honestly think they are ignoring me once they get me off the phone. My iOS devices get ESPN2 on the Spectrum app just fine. But the Samsung app does not. Error code is SLP-1002. Does anyone know what this means? 

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Re: Spectrum app not getting ESPN2 on Samsung TV



We apologize for any poor experience.  SLP refers to the device, in this case a Samsung TV, and 1002 is a general connectivity error which is usually the Internet connection.   


We encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


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