Spectrum TV app airplay to AppleTV

Hey folks,

So now that Spectrum have encrypted all channels and are no longer broadcastin any content down the co-ax 'in the clear' I had not choice but to re-subscribe to their TV service .. and now they promise a 'box free' experience using the Spectrum TV app ... 


But here is the catch ... While I can happily watch TV using the Spectrum TV app on my iPhone and iPad there appears to be no native support in the app for 'airplay' to my appleTV.. and there is of course no AppleTV app either. 


Spectrum support ask you to use 'Screen Mirroring' from iPhone or iPad to my appleTV but the screen image resolution is awful ..


Are there any other options to airplay from the iOS Spectrum TV app to apple TV or am I out of luck' until they decide to support true airplay from the iOS app?


Re: Spectrum TV app airplay to AppleTV

They won't support true Apple Airplay anytime soon since Roku has exclusive domain to provide the app for that class of device. IF the Spectrum TV app was supported on an Apple TV I would ditch my Roku in a heartbeat. 


Re: Spectrum TV app airplay to AppleTV

They wouldn’t need to do airplay if Spectrum would write an app for the Apple TV o s. They have for IOS no reason not to do TVOS.

Re: Spectrum TV app airplay to AppleTV

Last I tried- which was in April 2018- I got an error message saying I could no longer play protected video (or something along those lines) on my Apple TV. And this was my using the site. 

So honestly, Spectrum, if you're going to offer 'box free', maybe you should get to making an app for Apple TV, because the entire sell in this case was that I could airplay to my Apple TV!