Spectrum TV App on new Samsung Smart (Tizen OS)

Just purchased my 4th Samsung Smart TV and planned to use the TV App for viewing TV and stream Netflix. Model is UN40MU7000FXZA and a 4K 2017 model. I set up and Netflix streams perfectly. I then went looking for the Spectrum TV App in the online store but not found. That's when I started to investigate why not?


It seems that the worlds largest manufacturer of Smart TV's is using their own Tizen OS in their high end products since 2016.  All earlier models (before 2016) and their lower end sets still today seem to be compatible with your TV App. New Tizen OS based sets are not compatible. Based on what I'm reading Samsung will be bringing even more product with Tizen OS to market. This will cause even greater dissatisfaction with Spectrum customers, so what's your plan? Provide a updated TV App to function on Tizen OS? When?


You guys are spending big bucks on ads everyday advising us on how good Spectrum is. One test will be on how you respond to this issue. Thanks and watching.

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Re: Spectrum TV App on new Samsung Smart (Tizen OS)



I apologize for the frustration.  Not all Samsung TV's are compatible with the Spectrum App.  I included a link to Compatible Samsung TV's.  I will pass along your feedback to the product team.  If you still need assistance, then please contact us by direct private message at Forums_Help


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