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Spectrum TV App on Samsung

I've got the Spectrum TV App running on my Samsung Smart TV.  Also have Spectrum internet, speedtest run on laptop while watching the TV App shows me getting 30 down.


While watching TV on the App, we intermittently get "Network is not connected.  Check Network Settings to use Internet services."  At times, this will pause the streaming for 1-2 seconds at a time every  minute.  Very annoying!


This doesn't happen when using Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or even an Apple TV.


Have unloaded and reloaded the app, replaced the modem and router.  No improvements.






Re: Spectrum TV App on Samsung

Is the tv hard wired to the router or on wifi? Where in relation to the router is the tv located? Is it on 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz wifi?


My understanding is that the Spectrum TV app uses a bit more bandwidth than Netflix or the others and is more sensitive to "imperfect" signals.