Spectrum App on Samsung Smart TV is Broken

Hi, this is my first post to these forums, but I am a very technically oriented computer software and hardware developer who has worked in the industry for more than 30 years.


In anticipation of Spectrum's upcoming move to require cable boxes, cable cards or streaming devices, we replaced our ancient analog bedroom TV with a Spectrum recommended Smart TV, a 32" 1080p model UN32M530D that was recommended by a leading consumer publication and sold at membership stores such as BJs.   I picked this over 32" Roku TVs, even though they were much less expensive, due to the full HD resolution and favorable reviews.


I installed the new TV this past weekend, connecting it to our wired gigbit Ethernet network, which is very reliable.  I made sure that the TV was updated to the latest firmware and downloaded the Spectrum TV app.  All that went well with no problems.  However, I've found that the Spectrum app is not reliable, typically failing to allow us to view any channels and giving us one of two error codes: SLP-1001 and SVS-1007.  Once these errors occur, the only way to get the channel back is to unplug the TV temporarily.  The problem will then recur within an hour or less.  We've resorted to watching the unencrypted channels via the coaxial cable, with terrible results for non-HD channels such as CNN.


I called Samsung and went through a lengthy debugging process with them, including deleting and reinstalling the app, to no avail.  During testing, we found that the Amazon app always worked fine, even when the Spectrum app displayed nothing. Samsung directed me to call Spectrum, but the technician I reached today couldn't offer a solution or a timeframe.  All he could say is that "apps are complex to develop".  Since the app hasn't been updated (see below) in over a month, which seems a lot less frequent than the Spectrum app on our iPad, I'm wondering if this is a problem just in my area, my TV model, my specific TV,  a general problem, etc.


Here are some details that might be useful to anyone looking into this:


App version: 4.0 [6ca95f0]

Date: Dec 14th 2017 20:36:40

Model: 17_KANTS_FHD

Firmware: T-INFOLINK2017-1003


I'm trying to decide whether to return the TV before the two week deadline based on the terrible performance of the Spectrum app. 

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Re: Spectrum App on Samsung Smart TV is Broken

We are sorry that none of your peers had a solution for you.   I have included a link to  Samsung  TV's compatible with the Spectrum TV app that you may find helpful.   


If the issue is not resolved, we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


Please contact us at: 


Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care


Re: Spectrum App on Samsung Smart TV is Broken

Thanks, @James_M, for the info.  I see that the newer versions of the Samsung 32" TV are not on the list, only older models from 2015 and before.  Luckily, some of them are still available, so I'm returning the one I bought and just ordered the UN32J5003AFXZA.  I reply here once I've tried it out and let you know if that fixes the issue.


I think it would be great if the Spectrum app was updated to work with the later models, but I'm just happy to see that there's a possible solution.


Re: Spectrum App on Samsung Smart TV is Broken

So basically all samsung smart tvs will not run the app i gind that puzzling i just bought a brand new 43" tv and it will not run the app how is this possible

Re: Spectrum App on Samsung Smart TV is Broken

For several hours now I have enjoyed the same back-and-forth with Spectrum and Samsung. Hopefully the scheduled in-home Spectrum service tech will shed some light...

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I am having similar issues with the Spectrum app on my Samsung 32" SmartTV. I bought the TV three months ago, and for the first two months, the app ran almost flawlessly. Then at some point in mid- to late- February, the app started to quit streaming and the screen went black. Usually cuts out after 5-10 minutes of streaming, sometimes longer, and sometimes not at all. The TV will stream Netflix without any issues whatsoever.

I have tried checking for updates, deleting/re-installing the app, rebooting the modem. Doesn't work. Spent hours on the phone with Samsung support and Netgear support. This issue is NOT with the TV or router.

Finally this morning, the nice young lady from Spectrum created a ticket for me with the app's software engineers. I will post the resolution if I am fortunate enough to get one. I should also point out that my TV is now beyond the 90 day return window. Very frustrating.


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The issues with the Spectrum app not working with Samsung Smart TVs has been fixed! According to the Spectrum technician, this was an issue on Samsung's side. Whatever it was, I'm so glad it has been resolved. I have been streaming everyday for a week now without any issues.

To be clear, I was not asked to perform any upgrades on the TV software or delete/re-install the app. But if you are still experiencing issues, it doesn't hurt to try.

Good luck!


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That's great news.  It's too late for me, though.  I returned the "smart" Samsung 32" 1080p TV and bought a "dumb" 2015 version and paired it with a Roku.  It's slightly more complex to use since there are two remotes involved, at least until I program a universal one, but it works well.  Also, the older version of the TV was less expensive and has better viewing angles, so at least there was an upside.  It would have been nice to have it all-in-one and would definitely save  electricity.  Maybe next time.

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I have the identical problem with a Samsung UN32M530D TV purchased 3-26-18.   At the TV location, 5G wireless speed is 118 MBPS.


Netflix works fine.  The Spectum APP is intollerably slow and/or hangs and fails to connect.  Once it does finally connect it works fine.


This does not appear to be a resolved problem.  Any ideas?




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Re: Spectrum App on Samsung Smart TV is Broken

When you review the list of Samsung Compatible Devices with Spectrum TV page

do you see your model listed?


Compatible Devices with Spectrum TV


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