Nbc5 on twc app skips

Starting about a month and a half ago nbc5 in Dallas has been skipping and getting very choppy playback. This happens on an Xbox one with a wired connection, and a roku stick and Android app with WiFi connections. I do not have streaming problems with any other channels. My boyfriend watched football all day on Fox and red zone without any issues.

Please look into this as I basically can't watch this channel.

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Are both the good and the bad  viewed on the same device?

If so, Contact NBC 5's engineering department and inform them that there's an issue...

If it's not on their end, they'll get on TWC's case to fix it.

TWC will simply waste your time with resets and then cancel send out techs, etc.

IPTV does not have any differences related to your actual connection, it will be bad routing or encoding on TWC's part, trying to push the most data thru on the cheapest circuits. The paths are different on the 2 sources at least 3 hops away from your house.


If these are 2 different devices, the problem may be on your end, you need to narrow it to a device and what other devices are using bandwidth.

If somethings running some sort of cloud, sync, onedrive or win 10 peer upgrades, they may be hoarding all available bandwidth. IPv6 is also handled poorly in some TWC systems.




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Hi @lmquinn ,


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Sent. Thank you.

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I have the same issue with my Roku and Dallas NBC 5 for the past several weeks.  It has not gotten any better.  I have gotten nowhere with the TWC online customer chat.