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For months I have tried to make this App work. I have talked with TW and now Spectrum techies.  They give me contradictory information all of which don't work.  They sent a techie to my home who had not heard of the App!  I finally talked with a supervisor at Spectrum who informed me that there are TWC specialists and transferred me to that Dept.  The upshot was that he couldn't help and told me to call Samsung as my TV is Samsung.  A nice woman took control of my TV, updated my Apps, then uninstalled TWC and re-installed it.  Wanna guess what happened?  It didn't work! No longer worth the headache.


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This is actually a Samsung issue, they can't build 2 sets with the same firmware in them and expect content providers to fix the mistakes. Same with updates, they update firmware randomly, nothing is backwards compatable and then it's up to the content providers to figure out what Samsung screwed up and get out new firmware.

 Maybe when people quit buying their product  they'll standardize

 please retitle your post to include Samsung..


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Consider a Roku box, they practically give them away these days.

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Have to ask...Is your model tv on the list of compatible devices? 


Samsung TWC TV Compatible


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App needs updated way to much clutter on home screen 5.5 inch screen