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I reviewed the form for Spectrum choice today.  It's a start but does not meet my family's needs.  Suggestions:

#1.)  If BBC World news and the Weather channel are available in both the 10 channel choice and in the sports, news, and more add on package, why aren't CNN, MSNBC, and Fox news available in the news add on package?

#1A.) Why are sports combined with news in the add on package?  I never watch sports but watch lots of news, why aren't there separate packages?

#1B.) Why is BBC America listed under news?  Dr Who is great, but it isn't journalism!


#2.) A 20 channel choice option from the same list would meet my family's viewing needs with the news package.  Perhaps a $40.00 20 channel a la carte option could be made available.



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That's a good idea!


I have several co-workers that say Spectrum TV Choice would meet their needs IF it included 15-20 choice channels, depending on the individual one I'm talking to.


However, since the Spectrum TV Choice regular price for locals, public access, Music Choice + 10 choice channels is $21.99/mo, I think a better price point for all that plus 20 choice channels would be $33.99 or $34.99/mo.


That's just my opinion...

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now a better price point for all that plus 20 choice channels would be $10.99 or $12.99/mo.


that would be a great deal so great id subscribe  '


but at 21.99 a month if they were to up the price id cancel right away and so would billions of other ppl it would be the returning all cable boxes cuz they cost to mush thing all over again

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 i managed to signup for the choice but il be canceling   i just got the email they never told me how much in taxes be4 ordering it not until i got the email did i find out i was gonna be poor when i got the bill so im canceling it asap becuz with the taxes and hidden fee the bill wil be almost $150 bux just way to much for me im just gonna go back to netflix or something  14 bux for taxes is completely insane Smiley Sad   UPDATE 4-20-2018  so today i got the bill it seems that yes the txas are whats gona make me cancel an yes i tried canceling but  they wouldnt let me  they said they could give me a credit just for this month  but honestly if the bills gonna be 150 every month i just cant pay it  its the taxes they added  THE TAXES ARE INSANE   adding 21.00 to 112.99  ends up being 150 bux every month  to much of a deal breaker for me Smiley SadScreenshot_2018-04-11-16-04-41.pngbill i got todaybill i got today


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I think it’s ridiculous you tell people they can pick 10 channels and I specifically asked was fox sports Ohio an option and was told yes. Now here today I sign up for it and we’ll i still can’t watch Reds games because there is no fox sports Ohio. 7 days free and I’m cancelling. The idea was good 10 channels being an option but since I only care to watch 2 cable channels I have no desire to pay this much just to watch the ID channel. I at least want my Cincinnati Reds!!!

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I currently have the service, but am interested in switching up channels. Is there any easy way to do that?


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I  would like to change some channels to they said I would have 30 days ! My husband is not pleased  the ones that I have ! Been trying to do it online but can't seem to find out how. Guess I will have to call them and they are confusing ! Good luck