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Yes, the mobile phones listed ( Samsung / LG ) are the phones currently available.  In the near future, we will be adding options for Apple iPhones  and to bring your own device.   At this time, you also need to order the phone (online or at a store) and have it delivered.    


One thing I really like is the option to mix the plans,  so that on the same plan one device can be unlimited and another can be by the gig.   It makes a family plan quite customizable, so you can get a data plan that suits your need.     



One thing that needs clarification.  What are those several hundreds of dollars prices on the "Pay When Ships" further down on the sign up and options page?  I looked and that and was like "Whoa!"  "That's so expensive!"  Can you elaborate on that?  The other monthly options seem very reasonable, at least if you go with a lower priced mobile phone  selection.



The "pays when ships" option is if you would rather pay for the phone outright without having the monthly fee. 

Thanks @reds91185@Satch, The monthly amount is to pay for the device over time.  

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Re: Spectrum Mobile launched 6/30



The information I have is that employees do not receive a discount for the service (by the gig or unlimited).  Your best option is to visit a Spectrum Store (and bring your ID), I do believe that there discounts for equipment and accessories.   

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Re: Spectrum Mobile launched 6/30

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I guess it's just confusing.  It looks like UT&T and up to 100MB is included for no cost monthly, but it also indicates that the $14/GB is charged in advance.  Is it possible it means that the $14 is charged as soon as 100MB is passed?



The minimum charge per month is $14 / GB.  This charge applies for0 MB - 1 GB.  

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Re: Spectrum Mobile launched 6/30

I ordered the s9 and looking forward to it.

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Okay.  That's really too bad.


Xfinity Mobile is free for up to 100MB/ account.  I was really hoping Spectrum Mobile would be the same.