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Spectrum Mobile Order Confirmation

I just signed up for Spectrum Mobile today.  A few hours later I received an email from "".  (note the spelling error in the address).  There was no Spectrum logo in the email.  The email stated they had tried to reach me by phone, but my phone showed no missed calls.  The email also stated they needed to verify my identity before the order could be placed and if I did not call back within 72 hours, my order would be cancelled.  There were spelling and grammatical errors in the email.  (These are all textbook signs of a phishing attempt, by the way.)


When I called the phone number as instructed, the representative asked me to verify multiple "identity verification" questions which did not pertain to me at all.  Some of the questions were quite suspicious.  I hung up and tried calling the customer support number found on the Spectrum Mobile website, rather than the number shown on the email.  The representative on the phone couldn't help me and kept putting me on hold until I finally got disconnected.  Then I tried to enter into a chat session with a Spectrum representative instead.  She stated there was something odd about my account but couldn't help me.  She instruced me to call the number that had just disconnected me.  I asked how I could file a complaint about the situation and she stated there was no such number to file a complaint.


With the prevalence of phishing and scam attempts today, Spectrum should revise their email/chat/phone support policies so that representatives can clearly distinguish themselves from scammers and can assist customers who would like to confirm YOUR identity before confirming OUR identity.  I still don't know if the request to verify my identity was legit. 


P.S. If you don't hear from me in 72 hours and you want to cancel my order, it's your loss.  Why would you exhibit such poor customer service toward someone who is interested in purchasing additional services?  If you would forward this post to a supervisor, I would appreciate it.

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Re: Spectrum Mobile Order Confirmation

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Spelling and grammatical errors, lack of logo, falsely claiming unsuccessful attempts to reach you by phone, asking to verify your identity via email.

You are absolutely right, these are all telltale signs of phishing.

The request to verify your identity was more than likely an attempt by the scammers to steal it.

If you didn’t give them any personally identifiable information (e.g. credit/debit card number, social security number, home address), you should be safe.
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Re: Spectrum Mobile Order Confirmation



I apologize for any poor experience.  The domain is a valid domain, but I do understand your concern.  I was able to locate your account information from your Forums registration and I am forwarding your issue to the Credit Team for follow up.  There is a separate team that handles Spectrum Mobile orders,  for direct support they can be reached at 1-833-224-6603.


You can also reach us by private message at Forums_Help for additional assistance.