wifi finder : twcwifi-passpoint

 I used to be automatically connected to twcwifi-passpoint after connecting to twcwifi. Now I just stay on twcwifi.  I noticed this stopped after I updated to Android 7. Does wifi finder need to be updated?


Re: wifi finder : twcwifi-passpoint

You probably need to update the digital certificate. Go in to Wifi Finder and force an update.


Re: wifi finder : twcwifi-passpoint

I was able to connect after setting the passpoint network to forget in wifi-settiings, and removing then registering my device in wifi-finder.


These are the network settings for TWCWiFi-Passpoint:

EAP method=PEAP

Phase 2 authenication=none

CA certificate=Do not validate


There is a warning "No certificate specified. Your connection will not be private."


Are these the correct settings? Do I need to set a certificate for a secure connection?