I am using phone2go on Android. Is it registered to handle calls by the system? When I click on a phone number in another app, phone2go doesn't come up as a dialer.

Also, when using a Bluetooth headset, phone2go doesn't release it.

I mentioned these concerns to customer service a while back, but I don't know of they followed up.

Lastly, is it possible to use other voip software to connect to your service? The phone2go app seems to be using a standard sip-tls port.
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Re: phone2go

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For your first question, yes once it's registered.

For your second, never tried it myself so I'm not sure.

For your third, I honestly do not know.


Frankly this need to be a feature suggestion, I'll try to get the moderator's attention on this for you so we can get it to the programmer team who upgrades and maintains that app.  There's some good ideas you are posing, and I'm not sure if those features are fully vetted or available.  I know the app is very helpful for people who travel overseas, because it allows for unlimited calling back home (or visa versa) to many locations (such as Europe) without the normal international rate fees.


To help youself on this, would you mind sending a PM to the forum moderators with some information like this?

  • Model of your android
  • Android OS version #
  • Phone2Go version #
  • Your TWC acct #
  • Brief summary of the features/functions you want to see implemented

I know they'd need at least that much info for putting a ticket. Need some context.

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