phone2go not receiving calls


It looks like something changed in the new phone2go version. I'm on android 7.1.2 phone2go version 1.3.1 build 30.

The app is running but not getting incoming calls. On the system notification bar it says phone2go connected.

In the app menu (above contacts) it has my name, previous versions had a green dot on the icon. pressing my name gets me to "my profile" where I can only edit my profile. In previous versions I could set the app as available but that is gone.


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Re: phone2go not receiving calls



Sorry for the issues you are having with the app.  Typically, deleting and reinstalling the app will resolve most issues.  If it does not, please let us know.  




Re: phone2go not receiving calls



Re: phone2go not receiving calls

I use the same user name to post here. You don't need my address. There are many similar reports in the google play reviews. Nobody checks them? 



My TWC app stops working on phone

This app stops working on my phone several times each week. I am still signed it, it just stops working. I can't rely on it to let me know if calls have gone to my home phone when I am away. Frustrating! Is there a newer app? Are others having the same problem?

Phone 2 Go app not working. Error message: Please verify international call blocking is not enabled.

The Phone 2 Go app stopped working at least a month ago. Called Spectrum technical support many times, but to no avail.
Here is my situation:
1. International calling works on home phone.
2. Calling from cell using Phone 2 Go app doesn’t work. The error message is “Please verify international call blocking is not enabled on your home phone.......”
3. Deleting and reinstalling the app, it works, but for only a few hours. The same problem shows up afterwards.
4. Multiple cell phones at home have the same problem.
It is confusing and frustrating!
Please help if you experienced the same problem and found a solution.