Testing phone connection quality and troubleshooting Phone 2 Go

Alright, so, having switched to TWC from DirecTV + Verizon phone w/ DSL (because they only upgraded part of my city to fios, but that's another rant for another day), I've been interested in telephony, the technologies involved, and the end result of how clear can one voice get to another.

Now, for practical purposes, I couldn't test comprehensively: I didn't want to drop my cell # from Google Voice just so that I could leave a test voicemail instead of accessing it, so I ended up leaving a few voicemails on my Google Voice # from my home number, but some tests were with the Phone 2 Go app on my cellphone, some were from the actual landline (and for what it's worth, corded) set that's connected to the eMTA via the fax to the answering machine. Oh, and a bonus sample of my voice from the Verizon landline exists from earlier when Cricket had a large outage and I wanted to check that call forwarding to my Google voicemail would still be working (and it obviously did).


Anyway, i.e., getting to the conclusion that I feel is relevant to inquire about: I'm thinking that the Phone 2 Go app runs into some issues with handling calls. Apart from the calling features I hadn't previously had with my landline, both voicemail samples of my voice were of comparable quality. (I would be actually interested in being able to comprehensively test and analyze how call quality varies between cellular carriers, POTS, VoIP, and cable telephony quasi-VoIP, but I haven't even considered how much of a factor the handset/equipment used to make the calls could be.)

BUT, the first issue I noticed with the phone app is that, having left a voicemail, there were a few momentary glitches when playing it back. And then a second time when I called via the app, there was an actual glitch with my voicemail prompt that I had recorded and previously heard played back clearly.


I know that this probably isn't the most important issue since, in a call, people know to ask for the person on the other end to repeat something if it didn't come through clearly, but I highly doubt  that the glitches I heard were related to bandwidth nor the phone handset(s). Like sure, I could be the one isolated incident where this is only happening in my specific circumstances, but I feel like TWC should try to rule out any other issues like this in order to provide quality services to customers.


Re: Testing phone connection quality and troubleshooting Phone 2 Go

This is due to unstable "ping" times.  It's between your emta modem and TWC's phone "switch" which can be 8 or more hops away. If one hop is overloaded, there won't be consistent recovery of audio.

 Copy and paste your modems signal level and error log pages. Don't reset it, need to see actual history.



Re: Testing phone connection quality and troubleshooting Phone 2 Go

I should probably mention that I bought a Surfboard modem for Internet, and it shares a three way splitter with the Ubee eMTA and the DVR, so would my next step be to disconnect my computer from my LAN/Internet and then plug into the Ubee and then ... (do I go to ?)

I guess I'm wondering why there were only glitches when using the Phone 2 Go app while the landline connected to the modem was free of such issues... This is really more a matter of curiosity for me than it is of a service complaint that needs to be resolved