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TWC Phone Service on the Go- Phone 2 Go - Updated March 2018

Enjoy TWC Phone services and features on your mobile devices


 Navigating the app

Follow detailed instructions for setting up Phone 2 Go and making the preference choices that are right for you based on the way you want to use the app.


Up to five phones or tablets can make and receive voice calls using the phone number associated with your TWC Phone service.  


If you have multiple lines, you can access them one at a time. During the sign in process the app will present a phone number list to allow you to select the number you want to associate with the Phone 2 Go app. To change to a different number, sign out and sign in again, choosing another number from the phone number list.


*** Update March 2018: Please note***

The application is no longer available for download and will be decommissioned on or after 5/25/18. Customers currently using the Phone 2 Go application will
be able to continue using it until that time.