Phone2go not making outgoing calls

My phone2go app on my iPhone 6s+ and my husband's iPhone 6 are able to receive calls and voicemails just fine but when we go to make phone calls, there is no sound at all. If we are calling a cell phone and the person picks up, we are able to talk but if we are to call, say, a doctors office that you need to enter numbers for a directory, you can't hear anything so the call will just end on you. My husband spoke to customer service and technical support and they told us to delete and re download the app and we did and that didn't work but they weren't able to offer him anymore assistance. We don't have a physical house phone and only use our cell phones with the app when our cell service is shut off so using the app is our only option. Please help.

Re: Phone2go not making outgoing calls

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The following Phone2goLink will offer troubleshooting options to resolve your issue. If you find that the problem still exists once you have completed these steps, please contact us privately through the following PMLink and we will be happy to further assist. 


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