Phone2Go-International calls-looping?

When I make international calls, I usually 3-way with family to connect everyone. Just wondering if anyone has experienced at the end of a call; when callers drop off, the call doesn't end - there's some type of audio looping that goes on and on, won't hang up. I noticed this the past few times as I had to step away from the call, had the call on speaker and it was the same thing said over and over. I've confirmed w/both callers that they've hung up a few minutes after the call was connected- but the timer on the call kept going because of the looping.
I hope I'm making sense to someone.

Re: Phone2Go-International calls-looping?

Had this happen to me yesterday. Receivers's voice was recorded than played back to to me in an infinate loop when I called back after disconnect. Web has several unanswered posts about this issue. Cicso VOIP routers have page dedicated to this issue. Known issue, but little is said outside telecom technical boards about problem. Very creepy and NSA-ish.