Phone2Go App not working post recent update

For Past 2 weeks phone2Go application is not working properly.



1. Call connects but we cannot hear opponent voice but the opponent can hear our voice

2. Call disconnects exactly in 30 seconds during this time

3. Tried uninstalling and installing again , same issues yet

4. Tried installing in other mobile phone still same issue reported.

5. Using android phone


When do we get a fix for this, this issue noted only after the recent update.


Please take the necessary action at the earliest else please provide an ETA in order to avoid the unsubscription.




Re: Phone2Go App not working post recent update

Please reach out to us privately via the following LINK. Please include your account or phone number with your response so we can pull your information and assist in finding a resolution to your issue.



Melissa O.

TWC Community Forum Moderator