Phone 2 go app no longer available

Would anyone know when the phone to go app is getting placed back onto the app store and play store ? Or if there is indeed a new app replacing it?
Wouldn't have to ask but spectrum just takes things away with no notifications. There is an alternative way to install it still but I'm sure it will get shutdown eventually.

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Re: Phone 2 go app no longer available



The application is no longer available for download and will be decommissioned
in the spring of this year.  Customers currently using the Phone 2 Go application will
be able to continue using it until that time. 


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Re: Phone 2 go app no longer available

It would be nice, although highly unlikely to get the same answer from two "Charter" employees in a row. 
Some say it's been discontinued.  Some say they're working on a fix for it.
I'm nt holding my breath.   The IT people at Spectrum are only marginally better than the folks who answer the phones!   They just don't know what they're talking about most of the time.  It's just that simple.  They don'tknow HOW to keep useful apps runnig with any kind of system upgrade.

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Re: Phone 2 go app no longer available

At this time (3/3/2018) we are experiencing a technical issue with the Phone 2 Go application. Our specialists are working to resolve that. 


It is being discontinued in the spring of this year. It is no longer available for 

download. Those that have the application already loaded will be able to use 

that until it is discontinued. 


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Re: Phone 2 go app no longer available

Hi Julia,
So is there a replacement coming in place, or should people like me who depend on using this app since I'm varely home start looking for a new solution ?


Re: Phone 2 go app no longer available

As rates continue to rise, service continues to decline.  Phone 2 Go has been one of the most useful features of Time Warner Voice service. Now, Spectrum (Charter) is going to ruin that too. What a shame! Smiley Mad