Phone 2 Go will not go Online

I am stuck trying to connect online to use the service. Everytime I try to make a call it asks me if I want it to connect. Pressing OK does nothing and manually changing my status to Available times out when trying to connect.

Re: Phone 2 Go will not go Online

Checking network traffic reveals no information is being related to or from the server to the application when switching to Available mode.
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Re: Phone 2 Go will not go Online

In testing the Phone 2 Go application both on Wireless and Cellular data I am able to 

toggle between Available>Busy>Do Not Disturb and Offline without error. 


When you select other options (Do Not Disturb for example) does it complete this without error? 


Are you able to check your home phone to make sure it working? The phone modem 

needs to be online and functioning. Are you able to make a test call using the home phone? 


If you will also please check your preferences/call options to ensure that you have 

the options checked "I want to make calls using my Home Phone number and calling plans"

and "I want calls made to my Home Phone number forwarded to this device" 


Please check the same for the Message options.


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Re: Phone 2 Go will not go Online

Same problem, phone 2 go will not go online. I have to keep trying and it keeps going back offline.