International Calls from app not working!

Since last week I am not able to make international calls using the Phone2Go app. Whenever I try to make an international call, I select the contact and hit the call button but it simply doesn't do anything and goes back to contact screen.

What is wrong with this? Something is broken all the time with this App.

I never had any issue with Vonage extension app. 


Please fix it.


Re: Operation has failed

I have iPhone with iOS 10. Reinstalled phone 2 go app and can't logon

Re: Operation has failed

I am having the same issue hopefully they will fix it soon
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Re: Operation has failed

@schhjay @Aliciagray2010  I am sorry to hear you are having trouble. 

I ask that you please direct message us at TWC_ForumsHelp with 

some additional information.

1. Your account number

2. Your username

3. Please check to see what version of iOS 10 you are using, there have been several updates.

4. What version of the Phone 2 Go application you have installed. 


When you try to login what message are you getting? Does it redirect you back into the login screen or something else is happening? 


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Re: Phone 2 Go App Stopped working

This stupid thing still gives the same crappy message. We were with Vonage and it was flawless. Ever since we moved to this crappy service.

Not one single day it works seamlessly.

Can't believe why they can't fix? Now it is end of October 2016??

Any estimate Spectrum to fix this?

Re: Phone 2 Go App Stopped working

I'm not sure "Don't send us any more issues" is a way to mark a ticket as Solved! This is still an open issue, correct? I'm going to look elsewhere, advise others to the same.


Re: Phone 2 Go App Stopped working

Phone2go app does not work when on another wireless network(comcast), the phone will not connect when a call is made to the UK , make the call no sound, no ring, no connection. Happens when in Florida or Baltimore, both comcast networks. Using the app on Iphones