Now how can we get text messages without Phone 2 Go

I had a call that the phone 2 go app is being shut down and we have been using this to get texts and now that the app is going away are we losing text messaging ? Also would we still be able to have calls ring a mobile number and the home phones on every call?

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Re: Now how can we get text messages without Phone 2 Go

Good morning.


Without Phone 2 Go you will not be able to receive text messages. You can use 

Simultaneous Ring.  There are quite a few other features available through Voice Zone

that you may find useful as well. 



Get detailed instructions for managing your Phone features through VoiceZone®.



Simultaneous Ring

Turn on Simultaneous Ring
Add phone numbers to your Simultaneous Ring List
Remove phone numbers from your Simultaneous Ring List

Call Forwarding

Manage Call Forwarding online

Call Privacy – Peace & Quiet

Turn on/off Block Unwanted Callers
Add numbers to your Block Unwanted Callers list
Turn on/off Block Anonymous Calls/Enhanced Block Anonymous Calls
Turn on/off Accept Selected Callers
Add numbers to your Accept Selected Callers list
Turn on/off Nomorobo
Turn on/off Block Outbound Caller ID

VIP Ring

Enable VIP Ring
Add numbers to your VIP Ring list
Remove numbers from your VIP Ring list

Speed Dial

Manage Speed Dial Assignments


Play a message
Email a message
Download a message
Delete a message
Disable Voicemail

Voicemail Notification

Set up Voicemail notification options

Readable Voicemail

Enable/disable Readable Voicemail
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