Caller ID not showing correctly


I'm facing an issue with caller ID. When I call someone in India using the Phone2Go app from North Carolina they receiving caller ID as +91 <TEN DIGIT mobile number>. Where as it suppose be as +1 <TEN DIGIT NUMBER> which is the number in US.


To a suprise when we called someone is US couple of days back, they got ID as india number.


Due this caller ID problem I'm not able to reach whom I need to reach on time. Since the number reported as indian number they think its local call and waiting for my call with +1 (919)


Let  me know if someone is facing this issue as well.


Re: Caller ID not showing correctly

Don't call india with the Ap...

Good luck, this is peer to peer support and you need to call twc.



Re: Caller ID not showing correctly

App has no restriction to call.  I think underlying problem some where in the network.


Already checking with twc.