Usage Tracker is Messed Up

What time zone is the Usage Tracker using?  It is NOT using my time zone but it doesn't say which zone it uses or whether or not it switches to Daylight Savings Time when that is on for many states (but NEVER mine).  Usually, when I access it the time shown is anywhere from 4-7 hours AHEAD of my time zone.  EDT is currently 6 hours ahead of HST so 7 hours ahead of my time zone would put it using a time zone in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Smiley Frustrated


The times are so messed up that it shows me using the computer MOSTLY when I am sleeping!  It claims I used the most data on May 17 between 7-8AM when I was still asleep.  No one else uses this computer ever and I have Windows 10 Pro tied down very tightly via group policy so Microsoft was not trying to update it to 1803 version.  This is just one example of how totally wrong this Usage tracker is for my connection.


Also, the tracker has the months listed incorrectly in the chart.  If I click on April I get details for May!  If I click on March, I get details for April. 


I am using Basilisk 2018.05.18 (64 bit) browser (default browser) which is forked off of Fx 52 ESR by the Pale Moon developers.  But I see the same inaccuracies on other browsers.

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Re: Usage Tracker is Messed Up

Good morning.


We would love to provide your feedback on what you are experiencing with the 

usage tracker.


if you will PM us with your account information & some additional details about 

what you are seeing we can get that over to the proper team for review. 




Thank you!


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Re: Usage Tracker is Messed Up

I didn't post here to be told that it is necessary to sweep every problem under the rug now that Charter is trying to kill the forums. 


Charter hates forums because they can reveal problems that many may have but Charter wants users to believe only one person has the problem and, therefore, it is probably that user's fault rather than Charter's.


I can call Oceanic (it wILL always be "Oceanic" to us in Hawaii) and discuss the problem but I wanted USER INPUT IN THE FORUMS.