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My Time Warner account the upgrade service button is blocked

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Might be "normal".. Woman LOL

 None of the Spectrum packages can be accessed or changed to if you're an existing TWC customer using the online site, Robot Mad


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If you are not in a market that is currently offering Spectrum packages that option

may  not be available for you. If you are looking to change your package or add

services we would encourage you to phone in to speak with a specialist about

what options are available for you currently.  1-800-892-4357.


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Even if the button was available, chances are the order would be canceled as it was in my case. When I called in they said Spectrum packages aren't available to existing TWC customers at any promo pricing. I went into a TWC storefront and they were able to upgrade me to a Spectrum plan at the promo prices. 


If you have a store near you try that. They seem to have the most up to date info on the merger and better training than the call centers.