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9 times out of 10, no matter where I am (work, home, hotel), I am unable to complete the task I set out to complete when logging onto I avoid calling TWC for help because I usually end up reaching some gangster on the east coast who no doubt is considering, if not already engaged in, identification theft. So, I try to address my issues on my own using But fails just like the company. For example, to manage my home phone settings, clicking on "ManageMySettings" does nothing but loads the same page. Selecting the specific service, say VoiceMail," results in the same no- action. This issue is not caused by the browser, the computer, or browser's add-ons, like the tech support people have tried to lie, I mean explain, to me.


Therefore, the very moment Google makes service available in my area, I will experience extreme satisfaction because I will call TWC and gleefully cancel every poorly functioning "service" I am obligated to pay TWC for, because I have no other satisfactory choices available to me in my area.  Which happens to be problems with TWC - they know this, so they could care less. Hence their lazy, lackadaisical, and sociopathic attitude towards their work and customers.  

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Re: fails

We are sorry to hear you have had so much trouble. 


We would be happy to look into this for you. I am not aware of any widespread issues with the Voice Zone portion of our website. 

We encourage you to contact our Social Media Customer Care team directly for support.


We can be reached several ways:

Twitter: @TWC_Help

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Re: fails

I have the same problem and received the same response! You all know about the problem. It's a joke! I've called about it and the service still does not work!! You're right they don't care!