Restricted account

I met a billing issue recently.

in the early  of this month, your service told me that my payment could not be processed. I use autopay so I did not realize my card issue immediately. Later I replaced my  card but it seems late. Your service restricted my account and charge me a late fee for first time. I have to pay the charge with my checking account. Once I paid my fee with my checking account, I received an email confirmation. I thought it was done. A week later, I found the payment did not processed, and your service charged me another 20 dollars. I asked a representative to remove the late fee and finally got a 20 dollars back. I do not live in my doom for couple months, still I pay for the monthly fee. Now you charge me late fee twice in a month and put restriction on my account. I am really upset with your service,  could you help me to solve my issue, please!


(edited billing information)


Re: Restricted account

I'm sorry to see the billing issues. We'll be happy to look into this. Can I have you private message your account number or account phone number to @Forums_Help, please?

Tim K
Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care
Moderator-Community Forums