Reactivating original profile

 I originally joined these forums last year with the username jhs19060. This username, along with my e-mail address, however, is constantly being flagged as "already in use" by another account (the account I created when I joined these forums) every time I try to log in. How do I log in to my account using these credentials? There does not seem to be any way for me to log in except by creating a new profile. If it is possible, how do I recover my original profile?


  Thank you.


 Jeff (jhs190, formerly jhs19060)


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Re: Reactivating original profile



For assistance, please send a private direct message to Forums_Help so we can investigate. Please include your account information when contacting us privately. 


James M.
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Re: Reactivating original profile

Isn't it the same as your "My Services" login?