Online Account Question

A couple new items appeared under the recent activity tab as a list of what I'm assuming are possible monthly charges.

I have my own customer owned modem and as yet have not been charged with any of these but I am curious to know what specifically they would apply to and how I would incur these charges.

HSD modem charge

Dev Data Anchor charge


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Re: Online Account Question

For information regarding your billing I would encourage you to contact support directly 

to look into those items.


If you are using  your own modem you should not be seeing a lease listed.


Our Social Media Customer Care team can be reached at 


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum


If you prefer you phone in you can dial 1-800-892-4357

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Re: Online Account Question

Thank you kindly for replying.

However I wasn't asking any specifics in dealing with my personal account, just what the terms themselves mean. Perhaps, in case I wish to avoid incurring such charges.

By your reply I suppose I can assume the one would be for a modem rental.

The other term Dev Data Anchor, is still in question.